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With our pay per conversion model, we guarantee at least 25 qualified leads per month

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How It Works

We learn about you

First, we’ll get you started with your dedicated Account Strategist. They’ll get to know you, your business, and your goals for your prospecting strategy.

We prospect on your behalf

A dedicated account manager and research team will understand your needs and identify the industries, people, and companies you want to reach out to

We reach out to thousands of prospects

We email thousands of key decision makers in your target market and ask if they have a need for your product/service

Set your desired conversion

  Trial Sign-Up

  Demo, Sales Appointment Booking

  A positive reply that indicates interest

Hand-pick your audience

Discover and build your dream future customer list. with thousands of data points, including geography, job title, company size, and industry.

Stand out from the crowd

Delight your prospects with value-driven, personal outreach. Lean on our industry-leading templates and your dedicated Account Strategist to help you craft messages that will spark joy with your recipients.

What’s unique about us?

3 huge benefits from getting our service

Win-Win Approach

We only make money when we deliver conversions that match your criteria, otherwise we refund you

No Hidden Fees

There are no other costs to our service, making it easy to budget and to calculate your ROI based on your typical conversion ratio

Free Brand Awareness

We do not charge for any of the calls or emails made to generate your meetings, creating free targeted brand awareness

“With COVID-19 our other lead sources have dried up, Sharkz has helped my company grow even in a down economy. I cannot thank them enough.”



$40 per qualified lead

2000 Nurture Messages/month

Guaranteed minimum 25 result per month

No hidden or un-expected costs

Personal Account Strategist

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$40 Per qualified lead

300 Nurture Messages/week

Guaranteed minimum 5 result per week

No hidden or un-expected costs

Personal Account Strategist

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