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Dogs and Cats of Koozai – and a Surprise Rabbit!

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They say that dogs look like their owners, well, don’t let the matching coiffures of Callum and his messy brown-haired Cocker Spaniel or the well-travelled rabbit of our equally worldly Content Strategist prove you wrong. Our Managing Director’s Cockapoo clearly got his sense of fashion from his owner, and George Friderick really is Ross’s spitting image.

Spot the striking resemblances between our charming team members and their cute four-legged friends.

Nick and Travis

Much like his owner, Travis lives for food and exercise. Other than that, he hates Christmas. This is him looking defeated with Santa Claus being mounted on his back. Non-consensually, needless to say.

Callum and Jessie

Jessie takes after her owner’s messy brown hair. She loves stealing your seat on the sofa and nicking socks, hates the rain and runners in Hi Vis. Can often be seen digging in the garden or being dressed up as Potter.

Cocker Spaniel with scarf

Sophie and Jazzie

Jazzie is a Cockapoo and is four years’ old. He’s very friendly, loves long walks, paddling in the sea and cuddles. He also has a penchant for natty neck scarfs.

Dog with a neck scarf in front of the fireplace

Lola and Pancake

This is Pancake, the surprise rabbit amongst the dogs of Koozai. She and Lola speak cat, as all things cute and fluffy must speak cat. Pancake loves hopping around the living room, trying to eat Lola’s cables. She has lived in two different countries and in eight different houses; to say she is a Worldly Bunny is an understatement.

Blonde and white-furred rabbit on colourful rug

Nicola and Millie

This is Millie, or Millicent if she’s naughty. She’ll drop to the floor and flash any person that gives her the time of day and also likes to be held like a baby. You’ll find her curled up like a cinnamon roll in the tightest of spaces, stealing food like a ninja thief, diving into muddy puddles or running around a field playing with her lion toy or ball.

Red-haired Cocker Spaniel curled up next to her owner

Gemma and Britney

This is Gemma’s 16-year-old cat, Britney (yes, she was actually named after Britney Spears, Gemma was a huge fan back when she was nine!). She’s the sassiest and grumpiest cat on the block. When she’s not sleeping in a suntrap, she’ll be plotting to take over the world. She’s also the number one food stealer so don’t leave food ANYWHERE as she will steal it, whether it’s a hot Indian curry, pizza or spag bol.

Portrait of a surprised-looking cat in the garden

Gemma and Charlie

This is Charlie: he’s an affectionate, intelligent, ball-obsessed Border Collie who loves cuddles, chasing balls and long walks along the beach. Scared of loud noises and thunder, he’ll be your thunder buddy for life.

Border Collie with yellow ball in his mouth in the garden

Ross and George Friderick

George Friderick is a Palmiranian. Him and Ross are inseparable, he even helps him work! Here he is looking a bit tired in his favourite hat.

Dog-face with his tongue out drawn on Ross's hand

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