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Funnel Hacker Cookbook: Lead Magnet Funnel

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There is a whole lot that funnels can do for you. The sky is the limit when you’re looking for a way to accomplish what you need inside of ClickFunnels. But, starting out, I understand. You need a little guidance, a little help figuring out just what you need or what you can do.

If you’re looking for leads in your business, one of the best things you can do is offer them some kind of value to draw them in to exchange their email address for whatever you’re offering them. It will be the difference between people bouncing off your page without giving you any information, to getting those leads.

The easiest way to do this is to have a Lead Magnet Funnel, which is going to be specific to your desired clients and immediately offer them something extremely valuable, showing your worth. It’s golden!

So, if you’re in an industry where you thrive on leads, let me introduce you to the Lead Magnet Funnel.

Why You Need a Lead Magnet Funnel?

Not sure if this is the right funnel for you? Not sure why you would need a Lead Magnet Funnel compared to the other options? Well, the Lead Magnet Funnel is specifically designed for valuable traffic that is already warm to what you’re offering them. A lead is aware of the problem and they are aware that you hold a solution.

Now, that doesn’t mean that every lead is going to be money in the bank. As we all know, leads can change their minds and rabbit for a hundred different reasons. But, these are people that are currently actively hunting for solutions to their problems. You offer them something valuable to them in regards to the issue that they’re facing right now. This is why a Lead Magnet Funnel works uniquely different.

If you want your leads to be warm and to know that they’re active, this is going to be the funnel for you.

Who is the Lead Magnet Funnel Good For?

Leads are not the main focus of a lot of business models, which means that there are specific businesses that will be interested in drawing in leads. If you’re looking for clients that will invest in your company and help you grow, then the Lead Magnet Funnel is going to be essential in getting the information that you need. For those looking to grow their client base with new leads, this is going to be crucial. But for a breakdown of some basic people who will be interested, here you go. Please note that this is not a definitive list.

  • If you are an Author in need of new Clients
  • A Coach looking for Clients
  • If you are a Speaker looking to be hired
  • If you are selling Business to Business
  • Are you a Network Marketer?
  • If you are an Affiliate Marketer
  • Do you offer professional services?
  • If you have a physical store looking for customers
  • If you are selling Ecommerce

Again, this is not a definitive list, and if you think leads would be an invaluable addition to your program, try one out! The great thing about ClickFunnels is, if you don’t like it, you can tinker with it, change it, and do what you need with it.

What Makes a Lead Magnet Funnel Work?

There are only two parts to the Lead Magnet Funnel and it makes this process extremely simple and streamlined for you when you’re designing your funnel. The most important part in preparation of the Lead Magnet Funnel is finding the right offer that will draw them in. It has to be a valuable trade for them, so make sure that it is industry specific to what you want and that it is actually valuable for them.

This is offered on your first page, the Lead Magnet Page. Have a location for them to submit their email address, and have something that promotes the offer you’re giving them. Make sure that your copy is catching and then move on to the next page.

The second page is a Thank You Page where you have a video thanking them or copy that tells them what they can expect next from you, whether it’s keeping in touch, delivering a report, or whatever you have to offer them.

Now that you have their email address, you should be sending them through a Follow-Up Funnel, or series of email addresses which ascends them up your value ladder.

Again, it’s not rocket science, but with these three components, make sure that you spend the time to make them really shine.

Your Take Away

The Lead Magnet Funnel is the best way to get leads into your funnel with presenting them a valuable offer in exchange for their email address. It’s great for people who want leads. While this may not be the need for every business, it’s amazing for those hungry for leads. With just two pages and an Follow-Up Funnel, you’ll be able to really capitalize on getting leads going.

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