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Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook: Squeeze Page Funnel

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One of the most basic forms of funnels that you probably interacted with before you even knew what a funnel was probably ended up being a Squeeze Page Funnel.

They’re everywhere!

There’s a simple reason for that, because they’re the bomb!

Honestly, there is nothing more basic, simpler, and as streamlined as a Squeeze Page Funnel and you can have one too in a matter of no time. It’s the most basic form of grabbing email addresses and information from your prospects. It’s essentially the beginning of whatever it is that you’re going to build down the road.

This is where you email list begins.

But it’s not for free. People don’t just land on your page and toss their email address into a bucket for kicks and giggles. No, you’ve got to have something that is impressive, something of value that they’re going to want to trade you for. So, how do you go about getting your own Squeeze Page Funnel and what does it take to build one?

Why You Need a Squeeze Page Funnel?

The reason you need a Squeeze Page Funnel is because it is the beginning of everything you need to start a business. You need an email list to start contacting people and notifying them of your offers. Why? Because it helps you now, by warming up leads until they become hot leads. It helps you later on down the road when you have another offer. And, it helps build your culture by knowing who to communicate with.

A Squeeze Page Funnel does that for you.

Ultimately, the one goal that you’re going to get is squeezing those who land on your page. Contacts are gold, money waiting for you to get. That’s the one objective this page has and that’s why you need it, especially if you’re starting out.

Because that’s going to get you the sales you need.

Who is the Squeeze Page Funnel Good For?

Honestly, Squeeze Page Funnels are valuable for anyone who is actually selling anything.

If you need money and you need people to continually go back to for any future offer that you might develop, then this is good for you. No, actually, it’s great for you! These Squeeze Page Funnels should fire you up, because this is where the rubber hits the road.

But, again, if you’re looking for a list of people that it’ll work for, then here’s some off the top of our heads. So, here at ClickFunnels, we have some of you in mind. So take a look if you’re on one of these.

  • If you’re an Author.
  • When you’re a Speaker/Presenter.
  • If you’re a Coach.
  • Or if you’re a Consultant.
  • Do you sell anything through Ecommerce?
  • If you sell Business to Business.
  • If you’re a Network Marketer.
  • Or if you’re an Affiliate Marketer.
  • If you have a Professional Service that you sell.
  • If you own a Physical Business.

Again, this isn’t a definitive list! If you think that you would be able to benefit from a Squeeze Page Funnel, go ahead and give it a try. I’ll give you the information you need to build this Funnel on your own in the next section.

Just don’t be afraid to experiment! Tinker and play around with it.

What Makes a Squeeze Page Funnel Work?

While it is an incredibly simple funnel, there is a lot of thought that goes into it. Mostly, because you need to think about what your exchange is going to require.

What are you going to provide them that is going to convince them to give up their email address? What is going to be valuable enough for them to find you worth their time.

Honestly, it’s a worthwhile question.

So, make sure you have an answer. Providing value for a customer up front is an amazing way to solidify your place as a valuable addition to their life or company. Find something they need and have it waiting. Whether it’s an ebook, a report, a video, or training of some kind, give them the value they’re hungry for.

Once you have your offer ready, it’s time to build your funnel.

There are only two pages for a Squeeze Page Funnel. The first is your actual squeeze page. To build a squeeze page, you simply need the opportunity for prospects to put their email address and submit it in. You’ll need to have their captured information stored on a list, something that’s super easy with ClickFunnels.

Once you have their email address, you can start an automated email chain, or Follow Up Funnel, to keep in contact with them after you’ve delivered the Offer that was promised upon giving their email address. This Follow Up Funnel can do exactly whatever you want it to do. It can be 3 short emails, or you can keep in touch with them until your next offer or when you’re ready to sell them.

But, once it is done, then you have a simple Thank You Page. It’s clean, easy to understand, and usually just a video thanking them for getting the Offer and letting them know what to expect next.

It’s a clean funnel and it is perfect for gathering your email list!

Your Take Away

Okay, so we know that an email list is gold when it comes to online business, and this is how you’re going to get them. But, in order for you to make a reasonable trade, you need to have something of immense value for them to trade their information for. This is your Offer.

Have an amazing offer and it will be simple from there.

Finally, when you’re building it, all you need is the actual Squeeze Page and the Thank You Page, but make sure that you have a Follow Up Funnel after they enter that email address. Your Follow Up Funnel is going to lead them down the path to purchasing from you.

Thanks for reading Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook: Squeeze Page Funnel which appeared first on ClickFunnels.

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