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How to Stop Teaching on Your Perfect Webinar

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If any of you have read Expert Secrets, on page 167 – Russell confuses all of us teachers by suggesting we can’t teach during our webinars. What does he mean? How can you deliver valuable content to your audience, build trust, and make sales – and not teach?

Before we dig into what this actually means, it’s imperative that you’ve read the book. So stop what you’re doing and go get it, and then come back.

Awesome. You’re back.

The basic outline of the perfect webinar is this:

  • Build rapport
  • Take your prospect on a journey
  • Break false beliefs and rebuild them using three secrets
  • Create an irresistible offer (or stack)
  • Sell it to them

All the details are in the book, but you know that already because you’ve read it!

What creates ACTUAL lasting change, success, and results?

As an expert in an expert-based business, you need to be creating an environment for change in your products and services. It’s not your responsibility to hold a person’s hand, but it is your responsibility to create the best possible opportunity for change. Because otherwise, what’s the point?

So we know that there are a few things that produce change in humans:

  • Beliefs
  • Pain
  • Action

Think about it. If you believe something really deeply, your life will reflect that belief. If you feel pain when you put your hand on the stove, you will stop putting your hand on the stove. If you take action (like do something nice for your spouse after they’ve been really mean to you) the action will help to change how you feel about the situation.

So what do you think will happen if you use your webinar format to teach people nuts and bolts only? If you think giving your best golden tactic will create buyers?

It will give them knowledge yes, but it won’t actually create belief, pain, or the inspiration to act. Why? Because when we fill our head with knowledge, it’s like eating a great big meal. We feel full.

Feeling full usually leads to a nap….not action.

Your greatest duty as a teacher is to make your audience believe something differently by the time they get to the end of the webinar. To feel the pain of their circumstance NOW instead of what it could be. And to inspire people to act.

You give the information they need to believe

If you’re not technically teaching, this does not mean you fill your webinar with fluff or slimy marketing tactics to try to manipulate a sale. This is the problem. There are always two extremes. Those who spend all their time teaching and those who spend all their time manipulating.

You will need to give the right information that will create those three things – belief, pain, and action. Once you figure out the three secrets to the ONE thing your audience wants most, it’s time to find the information that works with each secret. You want to….

  • Explain the secret
  • Provide evidence that destroys the false belief around the secret
  • Creates new inspiration and belief
  • Causes a painful reaction if they stay in their current state

If you watched the new Clickfunnels webinar the last few weeks, you will see this in action. Russell is giving only the information needed to convince people that this ONE thing is true.

There Are 3 Simple Tweaks To Use That Instantly Boost Sales by 540%

Because once they believe this…that a 540% increase in sales is possible with these three “Secret” tweaks, then they will…

  • Believe that more revenue is possible without more traffic
  • Be inspired and motivated about the potential growth of their business (or a new business idea)
  • Feel pained if they can’t immediately implement these tweaks right away and make more money

The solution? Clickfunnels.

Let’s use an example. The power of the order bump to increase sales. You’ll notice that Russell did not actually walk through the gritty nuts and bolts of how to set up an order bump. He explained the concept, he demo-ed the ease of the order bump placement in Clickfunnels (to create belief that it’s actually simple), and told stories that helped drive that concept home.

There was a lot of what I like to call “context work” to explain this particular secret. Russell refers to it as epiphany bridge stories in Expert Secrets.

Context Work

The easiest way to give context is to create comparisons and analogies. In his webinar, he talked about selling a book. This is something lots of people can relate to or understand. He showed the dismal (and painful) reality of trying to send traffic to Amazon to sell a book where profit margins are slim, you can’t keep your customer’s info, and it’s a race to the bottom in price.

He gave the math to show how unprofitable it actually is. If you’re watching the webinar and are an author, you’re going to feel pain. And when he draws the analogy to show how it works in other industries, you’re going to feel pain. He’s giving the information that will reveal just how broken your system really is.

That context work is what makes the reveal and the solution so inspiring!

Some of you might be thinking… Well he did math on that webinar. He was teaching!

Semantics right? Okay, he was technically teaching a math concept. But when you look at why – it’s clear. He gave the information needed to validate the argument, create belief, and create pain if people walk away from the workshop and don’t take action.

The Act of Buying

When we sell people something, we can feel bad or guilty like we took their money. Even if it’s an amazing product! This is such upside down thinking. If we go back to the idea of pain, there is a momentary hit of pain when we give away money. That pain usually produces a stronger commitment to change than if it didn’t cost us anything. If you just give knowledge and teaching, people will waste it. There was no cost associated with it.

It’s all about belief

Every piece of information and knowledge must be in the context of breaking old beliefs and rebuilding new ones. Whatever you have to give away to do that…is fine. Call it teaching if you need to! But if you find yourself tending towards tactics, strategic knowledge-bombs, and other nuggets that make you look amazing but don’t really inspire belief, then you’ve strayed too far.


  • Belief creates inspiration and possibility.
  • Inspiration highlights the pain of remaining the same (or stuck in the old way).
  • The pain of remaining the same produces the sale.
  • The sale creates the commitment.
  • Commitment produces action.
  • Action brings change.
  • Change brings success.

Success, happiness, change. It’s the greatest gift you can give any of your students, clients, and customers. And it starts way before the sale.

As an aside, if you’re struggling to build your perfect webinar, there’s a software called FunnelScripts and it will build it for you – SLIDES and all! You can check it out here.

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