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Simple Tips To Boost Your Sales Funnels Performance

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Selling products via your sales funnel is one thing; however, turning customers into dedicated buyers is a whole different ballgame.

If you’re looking to drive more sales sooner rather than later, consider these five simple urgency and scarcity tactics to turn a flat funnel into a money-making machine.

We’ve said it time and time again: just about anyone can build a sales funnel.

From having killer products and affiliates on deck to understanding how to drive traffic, the missing piece to many flailing funnels, however, is understanding what makes your customers tick.

There are tons of psychological triggers out there you can leverage to get inside the heads of your customers to drive them to click and purchase.

Such triggers have less to do with flashy sales tactics and more to do with making your products seems more attractive to buyers.

Consider, for example, any combination of the following:

  • Social proof: if you can show your buyers that your products drive real results (think: reviews and testimonials), your customers know that you aren’t wasting their time
  • Authority: if you have the endorsement of a guru such as Russell Brunson or Neil Patel, someone with true name recognition, your product becomes that much more valuable
  • Curiosity: teasing your audience and causing them to ask questions (“Find out what happens next!) will ultimately lead them further down your funnel to see what your product is all about

That being said, there are two triggers that are second to none when it comes to funnel hacking and persuading your prospects to spend.

Enter urgency and scarcity.

Why Urgency and Scarcity Are So Important

To summarize, urgency represents the need for buyers to act now instead of later; meanwhile scarcity creates the aura that time or product volume is running out.

Both triggers play on your customers’ fear of loss, and fear is an incredibly powerful motivator regardless of your industry.

Such tactics are anything but underhanded: in fact, they’re used in every facet of marketing from supermarkets to infomercials.

But why are urgency and scarcity so important, anyway?

The fact remains that your customers need an extra push if they want to make it from Point A to Point B.

Funnel hackers must face the facts regarding why that push in necessary, especially considering the following:

  • Cart abandonment: there are a variety of reasons why prospects abandon their shopping carts and drop out of any given sales funnel, many of which could be remedied if they had a concrete reason not to leave (think: fear)
  • People are fickle: there are so many distractions out there for any given customer, which certainly isn’t helped by the fact that our audiences often have little to no attention span. If you aren’t providing a time-sensitive reason as to why your audience needs to buy from you, ask yourself: why wouldn’t they just jump to a competitor?
  • Time is not your friend: Finally, consider that the longer that someone must linger and mull over a purchase, the more likely they are to sleep on you versus act now

Thankfully, building a sense of urgency and scarcity for your sales funnel doesn’t mean reinventing the wheel.

Remember: urgency and scarcity are often about creating the illusion that time is working against your prospect and that your product or service is the solution they need.

If you’re looking for more conversions and sales, consider the following five steps to leveraging urgency and scarcity for your sales funnel.

“While Supplies Last.”

Sale Flyer or Sale Banner.

Perhaps the most popular example of using scarcity as a marketing tactic is traditional “while supplies last” tagline is attached to just about anything you’re selling.

While you shouldn’t market everything, you sell as being limited regarding supply (as it could hurt your bottom line), you should bring out a sense of scarcity for new launches you want to seem like a big deal.

Consider, for example, consider how Nintendo is creating insane demand for their new NES Classic console which is sold out everywhere.

The product’s scarcity is creating way more buzz than would have come from seeing it stocked on every store shelf.

Scalpers are selling the system for over triple its $60 price tag on third-party sites and buyers are fighting tooth and nail to find them for the holiday season.

Building scarcity can help you build hype around your product and make it seem larger than life as you essentially force your audience to battle for it.

Whether you have limited stock is completely up to you: remember, it’s all about the illusion.

Set Deadlines

Easter sale limited stock

Limited time offers are the bread and butter of many retail industries but can be applied to just about any sales funnel.

When you consider the explosion of Black Friday this year and the fact that consumers spent over $12.8 billion online, it’s crystal clear that our buyers will go the distance when it comes to finding a deal.

Any combination of the following strategies to using deadlines to your advantage:

  • Flash sales and limited time offers, which are huge buzz-builders for brands such as Amazon
  • Flash freebies: a spin-off the limited time offer, flash freebies such as e-books and reports can be pushed to your prospects in exchange for an email address or sign-up
  • Holiday deals: seasonal specials are especially attractive during the holidays when users are naturally hungrier to part with their cash

Play around with flash sales to see how your base responses to such deals: you may be surprised at just how hungry they get.

ClickFunnel’s email marketing platform, Actionetics, lets you create and run reminder email campaigns you can use to remind your email list 24 hours, 12 hours or just before a webinar goes live or a sale goes into effect.

To do this, simply Login to your ClickFunnels account > Go to Actionetics > Email Broadcasts > Create your email > Set the schedule > Choose email list > Send.


The VIP-Effect

What if you could create a virtual line around your online store, with your customers squirming to gain access to whatever it is that you’re selling?

Welcome to the VIP effect.

By limiting access to your customers to your funnel, you can artificially create demand for your product if you play your cards right.

This doesn’t mean needlessly shutting out access to your site or sales funnel, but rather using limitations as a form of exclusivity marketing. Consider the following examples:

  • Limiting a number of sign-ups for your webinar or e-course
  • Making a product or deal exclusive to previous subscribers
  • Providing a free e-book or digital product to your first 100 sign-ups

The success of the VIP effect comes down to just how much you hype up your product.

You need to sell the sense of scarcity and stress the fact that anyone who isn’t on your list or signed up for your launch is missing out.

Doing so will make your brand seem like a big deal and build buzz around your launches.

Choose Your Action Words Carefully

Basic RGB

Don’t ignore the importance of killer copy regarding creating a sense of urgency and scarcity.

There are some action words that you can sprinkle throughout your offers and deals to sweeten them and drive users to act.

Such words include:

  • “Now,” “quick,” “fast,” “hurry,” “urgent:” any word related to time is fair game
  • “Ends,” “stops,” “before:” all of which reinforce that idea that time or supply is limited
  • “Seconds,” “minutes,” “today,:” which convey specific time frames (helping your prospects understand when the deal ends)

So, where can you stick these trigger words?

  • Headlines: including your subject lines, landing pages and on-site content
  • Calls-to-action: make your CTAs irresistible by adding in a trigger word which won’t make it too wordy
  • Body copy: either through your emails or a VSL, the more you’re able to use these words in your copy, the better (of course, don’t needlessly stuff them)

If you’re skeptical, you can try A/B testing different headlines to see which ones convert better; however, headlines with any of the terms above are poised to perform well.

You can also use these trigger words on exit pop-ups and add a timer to make it even more compelling. To do this, go to your ClickFunnels account > Go to your funnel > Choose the page you want to the exit pop-up to > Click Pop Up > Click Edit > Add Headline > Click and drag countdown timer element > Enter the timer settings > Save.

clickfunnels-popup7 clickfunnels-timer

Numbers Are Your Friend

financial chart

Simply put, people respond when they see numbers.

This rings true when it comes to price tags or the time of day on a clock.

After all, numbers are easier for our brains to process versus words, and are therefore very important for our marketing materials at a glance.

The following numbers can be used throughout your marketing campaigns to create the sense again that spots or limited or time are running out:

  • A countdown timer which shows the real-time deadline approaching on a deal
  • The number of stock left for a particular item in your online store (Amazon does this masterfully)
  • Show how your product performs by the numbers, either through a sales figure, how many products sold or how many customers you already have (making you seem like a big deal)

Just as you would sprinkle action words throughout your copy, actively seek opportunities to use numerical figures in your headlines and marketing language.

Add a countdown timer to your pages with the ClickFunnels Editor Countdown Timer elements. The new ClickFunnels 2.0 Editor has a selection of 3 types of countdown timers to choose from. To do this, all you need is to Login to your ClickFunnels account > Go to your funnel > Choose the page you want to add a timer to > Choose from the selection of countdown timers > Click and drag to where you want to place your timer > Set the duration of your timer > Save your progress.


And if you plan to use more numbers as a conversion strategy, you can use it for scarcity tactics as well! You can create and send out emails or text messages with the Twilio integration. Your message can be from “We only have x of x product before time runs out in x hours.” or “Only x left! Avail now before supply runs out.”

You can do this by creating an Funnels with Actionetics. To do this, simply Login to your ClickFunnels account > Go to Actionetics > Action Funnels > Create Action Funnel/Go to Existing Action Funnel > Add New Step > Choose Trigger (Email/Txt Message/Action) > Create Your Message > Set Custom Groups to trigger your action > Save.


How Do You Use Urgency and Scarcity for Your Funnel?

If you’re looking for a smart, cost-effective means of making your products seem larger than life, look no further than urgency and scarcity.

When you look at your own sales funnel, what you are doing to encourage prospects to act sooner rather than later?

Do you think urgency and scarcity are the most powerful psychological triggers for modern marketers?

We’d love to know in the comments below.

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