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Traffic Triage: How to Save Your Ad Money!

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You start a company or you have a company and you find out that you need to have an online presence. People need to find you. They don’t even know that you’re out there. They don’t know that you have the information or the services, or product that is going to revolutionize their life.

So, the burden falls onto your shoulders to go out there in the wide digital world and get them.

Now, the first instinct for you to want everyone!

Go after everyone, because the fisherman with the large net catches many fish, right?


That fisherman catches shoes, garbage, and a bunch of nothing!

You need to know where the fish are before that net is of any value to you. This is a step that people skip all the time and the first step to traffic is knowing who your customers are.

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Step 1: Who are Your Customers?

While you’re eager to get people to start buying your product, you need to actually think about who those people are.

Who are they? Where do they live? How old are they? What kind of job do they work? What’s their average income? What’s their family life like? What are their other interests? Where do they go? Where do they find what they’re interested in?

If you cannot answer these questions about your customers, you do not have a strong enough image of who these potential customers are and finding them will be impossible.

Having a clear, defined customer is just as important as having a product, because everything you do will depend upon who you are trying to get. You have to get these people in front of you before you can get them the to find anything of value in what you’re offering them.

So physically sit down and write out everything you can think about with your dream customers. Write out everything that you can think about them. Know who they are. Be able to see them in your mind’s eye.

Step 2: Find your Customers

Knowing who your customers helps you know where to find them. If we hop back to the analogy of fishing for a moment, a fisherman has to know what kind of fish they’re trying to catch. Once you know what the fish is, you can find out where it’s going to be.

So now, the hunt begins.

If you know who your customers are, you now know their interests. Find out where they will be congregating online. Besides your product, where else would they be? Who are your competitors that are already established out there where they might be gathering? What harmonizes extremely well with your product, service, or knowledge? Where do they shop? Where do they find relaxation and recreation?

Why are these places important?

Because, now you’re not going to be throwing ads blindly at a random, incredibly large demographic. It’s targeting effectively for the people that you want to purchase from you. Because, if you have a product or service, or information that is of value to them, your dream customer will want it.

Now, your ads are going to become powerful tools for you in the development of growth.

It will feel like magic, that you worked intelligently to accomplish…

Step 3: Get Their Attention

Once you have the location of your ideal customers and you’re inside the minds of your dream customers, you need something that will get their attention.

I’m not talking about free offers or promotions right now.

That’s a completely different topic.

No, right now, we’re talking about something a little more primal. How are you going to get them to stop and look at what it is you’re going to do to stop the endless scroll.

You need something that is going to pop. Your ads need to have something that is alluring, relevant, and creative. I’m not talking about bright colors either. You’ll need images that are worth stopping, just long enough for your dream customers to get a glimpse at your copy.

And that means having good copy. Make sure that it’s short, packs a punch, and gets the message across so that your dream customers will actually click on the ad.

It’s an art. It truly is. But, the best way to see this in action is to hop on your phone, go to Instagram or Facebook and start scroll. What sticks out to you? What is something that you’d find attractive enough to keep you interested in the material. That’ll save you time over researching articles any day. Go to what is actually being used right now!

Keep your eyes open and keep finding out what’s new and what’s working.

That is how you start effectively cultivating traffic. It’s not about just throwing ads out into oblivion. It’s about knowing your audience, where to locate them, and how to get them to stop and see what you’re offering. These are the three starting points for you.

Make sure you have all three ready!

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