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How to Become the Best in the World at What You Do

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Have you ever wondered what the difference is between someone who is amazing at what they do vs. someone who is the best in the world? Most of us would settle for amazing right? After all, a very small minority of people will ever BE the actual best in the world at something, so why try.

Here’s why you should try….

The path to becoming the best in the world – even if you don’t reach that coveted status – the journey of trying will position you so far above the competition, you’ll never worry about wealth again.

I asked several of the #funnelhackers in our community – the ones who are the best in the world at what they do – what they think gets you there. I’m calling them Besters.


How well can you replicate your success in others? What you’ve accomplished is super cool, but if you can’t seed it in someone else, the success dies with you. Besters know how to replicate themselves in others. Not just once, but over and over again.

Alex Hormozi is a gym launch expert. He launched and filled his own gym and brought his struggling business from near bankruptcy to wildly profitable. Then he did it five more times with five more of his own gyms. Not yet satisfied that his system was perfected, he then did it for 28 other gyms in different cities with different owners and different programs and got them ALL results. Now he’s done it over 300 times and can easily say he is the best in the world at filling local gyms with his system.

How many of us look for that level of replication before we sell? If you watch him sell (or get the chance to hear him speak at FHL 2018), you’ll notice there is no self-doubt in his sales process. He’s so good at what he does, and so confident in his ability to replicate success in others, he can close people on that point alone.


Work/life balance is one of those trendy topics today. How to work less and earn more. It’s not a bad desire at all, but besters know that to be the best, they must be okay with prolonged periods of imbalance in their life. If you survey the best and most profitable funnel hackers in the community, you’ll see that imbalance is all a part of their story. Until you really master your craft or product, your life must revolve around the pursuit of being the best.

Older episodes of Russell’s podcast talk about the long periods of time where he was barely sleeping, barely eating, and just pushing to perfect the vision he saw in his head to get it out there and make it the BEST it could be. We may roll our eyes at the same clichéd rags to riches story, but when you find someone who is a bester, they most likely have a long period of time where life was COMPLETELY unbalanced.

Just watch an episode or two of Shark Tank and listen to how many entrepreneurs mortgaged their house or slept on others’ couches just to get the capital they needed to keep going.


Besters mess up the status quo. They see the world as it is and know there is a better way. A different way. They are comfortable owning that disruption and not letting haters slow them down.

Annie Jensen is a disrupter. She saw a problem in the society’s perception and treatment of alcoholism. She saw how people who weren’t full-blown alcoholics yet, struggle to find support that didn’t include AA, rehab, and swearing off of alcohol for the rest of their life. It was like going to the doctor with a cut and the doctor tells you the only solution is to cut off your arm. She took on this problem and is disrupting the industry by offering millions of people who struggle with alcohol dependence, a new way to deal with their attachment to alcohol.

Can you handle the kickback of disrupting the world with your idea?


When you become the best, you are an obsessed human being. You are known for being over-the-top, crazy passionate, insane, and entirely obsessed with whatever you’ve created. A great way to tell if you’re adequately obsessed yet is to ask 100 people the first thing they think of when they hear a word that is associated with what you sell. Your name should be the first thing they think of!

  • iPhones….Steve Jobs.
  • Social Media….Mark Zuckerburg.

In our community, if you say the word Momentum, you think of Alex Charfen. Author of The Billionaire Code, Alex has become obsessed with the Entrepreneur personality type and the need they have for momentum in their lives and business. He’s owning that word. Taking over it until no business owner can hear that word and not think of Alex’s work and mission to help Entrepreneur’s get and use momentum in their businesses.

You can’t listen to Alex for five minutes on any platform without hearing that word momentum. Do your followers have a word or a theme that they associate with you?


At some point in the journey, Besters stop worrying about money and start concerning themselves with legacy. What mark they will leave on the planet after their time is up. Clickfunnels may be the best funnel software in the world, but their legacy is what will carry on after the Internet has re-invented itself 100 times over. That’s what you see in the funnel hacker community that you don’t see with Infusionsoft or LeadPages. Clickfunnels and Russell Brunson want to be the catalyst for empowering business owners to spread their message and change the world, without having to rely on traditional business growth strategies that take away your power and require you to sell off your business to investors in order to grow.

Pamela Wible is the best in the world at understanding the epidemic of doctor suicide. She’s obsessed with fixing this problem, completely imbalanced and focused on saving as many doctors as she can. She has no trouble disrupting the status quo and is not driven by money. She’s concerned about creating a lasting change in a broken system so she can save lives. She’s creating a legacy.

When you step back and look at your business, can you see something that outlasts you?


Besters cannot get to the top spot without a serious system in place to support both them and their followers. To replicate yourself in others requires a system. To grow and adapt to the amount of visibility you receive at the top requires systems. Systems are the unsexy other side of the coin to marketing. We love marketing and selling. It’s thrilling. And when you become the best, selling happens fast and growth is exponential.

The systems you put in place are what will help those sales continue to work for you after the initial transaction is complete. Systems allow the bester to have time to create vision rather than working in all the details day after day.

The irony is that people who are experts sometimes have a hard time letting go at first because they feel like it’s something that cannot be reproduced or automated. It’s an uncomfortable feeling to really detach yourself enough that other people can execute your system and still get the same results. That’s what a system creates.

It’s the vehicle for replication and legacy.


It goes without saying that repetition is part of the path to becoming the best. Look at athletes who train for the Olympics. It’s hours and hours a day, for weeks and months and years on end. Even when they think they’ve mastered it, a coach will make them do it again.

How many ___(insert your offer here)______ have you made, written, produced, sold? Are you doing it over and over and over, knowing that even when you hit 100% perfection for the first time, it’ll take 1000x more repetitions before you can get 100% regularly?

When and if you have the chance to join the Inner Circle, you will see that even those making millions, are still practicing. Repeating the process again and again. Tweaking and optimizing always. With each new try, there is something new to learn and implement to make better the next time.


Do you believe you can become the best? This probably should have been the first on the list because it is the foundation to everything. You must first believe that you have the capability and potential to become the best in the world at what you do. No one else will believe you if you don’t believe you.

Dana Derricks is a master copywriter and also happens to be the best goat farmer in the world. He says that after you believe you’re capable of being the best, you must be able to own that title….with humility.

If you’re frustrated that your product isn’t selling yet, your funnel isn’t perfect, or things aren’t exactly as you want them to be, remember the journey to becoming the best has NOTHING to do with getting it right the first time, but about embracing the journey to become the best…with all its failures, monotony, imbalance, and repetition.

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