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Huge Funnel Hack Exposed! Manscaped 6 Step Recipe To Success {Steal This Formula!}

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When you are building a funnel, Russell has said it many times in his training… Pioneers get arrows in their backs. Find a market that has successful products in it then find your own position in that market. How about the male grooming market? Manscaped went on a journey to figure that out.

Dollar Shave Club, Gillette, and Schick sound like big enough names to mimic? What if you found a perfect carve out in that market to coexist and disrupt the marketplace? What if you found out that there is even a “trending” term in that market? Manscaped did just that. This article will walk you through how they “cut” their teeth in this market and how you can do the same thing in yours.

Welcome To Manscaped.Com Funnel Hack

Men’s below-the-belt grooming is a vast and virtually untapped industry. The market is 47 billion dollar market according to fun global retail tech. We say almost because how many ads do we get on grooming products that help men improve the aesthetics below-the-belt, besides Viagra of course? Our guess is, not that many, which brings us to one company that has managed to carve up a marketing campaign that’s so brilliant, even Facebook couldn’t resist covering it as a success story in a blog (Facebook Manscaped Video Ad Case Study).

Facebook Case Study Manscaped

Below-the-belt grooming products for men are a range of products that have been specially designed for men who have to deal with an unflattering undercarriage because let’s just face it, males really are poorly designed downstairs. There’s always something getting in the way whether you’re at the gym, jogging, cycling, or just taking a stroll down the street. Below-the-belt grooming products make the life for men easier and…more comfortable.

Yet, often, men can be the most reluctant of consumers when it comes to purchasing below-the-belt grooming products. So, what’s the deal, and how did a company like Manscape manage to achieve all that success, in a relatively short period of time. That’s what we’re here to find out. They were competing with giants of the industries. Titans of commerce and advertising. Yet they have managed to double revenue every few months.

Male Grooming Brands - Manscaped Market Gap
Male Grooming Brands Via

The success and failure of a brand often rest in the not-so-subtle art of marketing. Keeping that in mind, here’s a more in-depth dive on how small business owners can create an entirely kick-butt marketing campaign that will help launch their brand into the stratosphere.

  1. Start with an Idea – Find A Market Research Perspective

Every successful brand is born with the idea to plug a gap in the existing market. Breakfast cereal, floor wax, the iPhone are just a few examples. So, where are all the male below-the-belt grooming products? The answer is quite painful so look away now. Oh, okay, still there. Good. That means your serious about finding the market gap, even when it involves a few “bloody cuts.” According to a JAMA Dermatology study that was carried out recently, around 26% of men and women who groom downstairs have been injured aka nicked, cut, infected and worse. The study also spoke of the need for brands to adopt safer designs that will lead to injury prevention.

There is a need for safer designs and injury prevention in the “below the belt grooming” niche. ~ JAMA Dermatology Study

The unexpected hero in all of this is surprising, another male grooming brand, known as Manscaped. The company offers men with not just fancy electric trimmers and razors, but ones that feature nick prevention, safety guards that prevent you from getting into a hairy situation! And BOOM. That’s your plug. A men’s below-the-belt grooming brand that offers safety first!

For other similar brands, this may not be at the top of their priority list. Manscaped was genius enough to realize that the comfort and self-assurance of having a men’s grooming brand that has their customers back take away the dread of taking a sharp object to a private area that can be very uncomfortable if not well kept.

  1. Create a Product – Not Just Any Product!

  • Create the World’s #1 Brand Dedicated to Below-The-Waist Male Grooming and Hygiene Products

Before Manscaped, using men’s below-the-belt grooming products often led to a bad (and painful) grooming experience. That’s because minor injuries were the norm. As a men’s grooming brand, your job is to identify the cracks in your company in terms of the products and figure out how to fill it up with your products. But, more of that later. Creating an awesome product is more than just coming up with a sleek design that’s good to look at. After all, it’s not like you’re going to frame it or something.

  • The Products

First, you need to gauge the pain-points of your target audience, in this case, its men ranging from tweens to 50-year-olds who are looking to improve their image and be more comfortable below the belt, and don’t want to make the trip to the emergency room if they do. Long story short, the men’s grooming products that were available before just didn’t cut it (or rather, they did). Now that you have found the problem, it’s time to design your product around that problem.

  • The Actual Products

Manscaped designed the kind of men’s below-the-belt grooming products that men were proud to use because they looked good, but more importantly, they got the job done without incident. Now, was that too much to ask? We thought so.

Manscaped Product Lineup

  • How Can We Build Out A Subscription Model?

If you want to create a market, you will first need to create a robust subscription model that makes your customers keep coming back for more of your product. The best way of doing that is by simply providing an above-par product that’s affordable, safe and easily accessible. The good news for new men’s grooming businesses looking to make their mark in the industry is that building up subscriptions is usually an area where B2C companies frequently outperform B2B companies.

Offering a seamless sign-up process for the customer goes hand in hand with having a kick-ass product. And when you’re offering additional products that are related to your service, signing up for a subscription sweetens the deal.For instance, Manscaped offers a refill of blades for The Plow (the cool name for their safety razor) that a subscriber can get delivered to their home every month, along with their other products, and a Replenish Pack for just $29.95. For new businesses, building up a subscriptions list means delivering on your promise to provide superior products that are actually worth investing in for the customer, and of course, free shipping.

  • Supporting Products (Consumables)

Once you’ve got down the men’s grooming products you need to get your target demographic – men to take notice, it’s time to focus on the accessories, add-ons, the side entrees if you will, that will go with the products you’ve designed. In the case of Manscaped, you had a brand that didn’t just provide you with the fancy single-blade razor or electric trimmer and hinted to splash bottled water on your pubic and groin area after you’ve finished. The brand offers a number of additional products that all tie into the main course, and makes grooming downstairs easier.

Some of the products worth noting here are the Crop Cleanser, which reinvigorates the skin with vitamins and minerals, along with the Crop Preserver, which is basically an anti-chafing moisturizer but is again, totally worth investing for the task ahead. Other premium products by Manscaped include The Crop Reviver, a toner and refresher, and even blade refills for the brand’s flagship product, the Plow. They worked with a chemist to get the formulas and really dial in their perfect product mix. This lead to a formula that sets them apart in their marketplace.

With this many additional products that make manscaping so much more comfortable, Manscaped proved to their clientele that they’ve got them covered, which is sometimes, all the customer really wants to hear. Manscaped partnered with Cratejoy and launched a subscription for their one-of-a-kind box of goodies specifically for below-the-belt grooming for men. They didn’t just do well on cratejoy, they became the front page. It leads to a huge success!

  1. Creating an Infrastructure – Fulfillment Chain To Customer Satisfaction

Even the military needs roads to transport fuel and ammunition to its troops on the field. You need to create the infrastructure which will help you do the same. You can let your product reach the masses by using the following actionable strategies;

  • Shopify – Ecommerce Needs A Home

Shopify is one of the largest e-commerce companies that’s headquartered in Ontario. The platform allows anyone to easily sell online, or anywhere for that matter. What makes Shopify a great option for small businesses is that brands get to create enticing and engaging emails straight from their Shopify Admin once they’ve subscribed to the service. Shopify integrates seamlessly with social media marketing such as Facebook, which is the largest social media platform in the world and can completely transform your business by increasing the traffic that reaches your Shopify Store. Shopify also offers loads of other cool features that brands can use to their advantage to attract and influence customers.

  • Fulfillment Process – You Have To Deliver On Your Marketing

Fulfillment basically encompasses the entire process of receiving an order and delivering the product to the customer. While this might sound easy, in reality, the process is a lot more complicated, with many moving parts that need your attention, such as warehouse organization, order management, packaging, shipping, customer communication. All of these factors come together to ensure that the fulfillment process is able to remain smooth, with no or minimal hiccups.

  • Using ClickFunnels to Your Advantage

If you’ve ever felt stuck as an entrepreneur, ClickFunnels is the tool for you. The company was created specifically for those entrepreneurs who aren’t programmers or designers and have been held hostage (figuratively of course) by the same computer geeks they were probably making fun of in high school. The service allows you to build pages for each of your products and create a high converting sales funnel. To get started, all entrepreneurs have to do is pick a sales funnel type, choose the design that matches their brand most, customize their page to make it more appealing, and viola. For young businesses looking for a place, ClickFunnels offers a service that’s quick, easy to use and affordable, and more importantly, gets results. There is nothing easier to build a funnel with.

  1. Create a Brand – Bigger Than A Product

Now, it’s time to make your brand. Creating a brand has more to do than just coming up with a cool logo and a tagline that goes with it. Creating a brand means using every inch of your digital space from the content of your website, to the marketing, and the colors you use to identify your brand to create a unique “voice” of your company. Making your audience laugh is key to winning them over (at least, for Manscaped it is). The manscaping or below-the-belt men’s grooming product has never shied away from using some below-the-belt humor to get their message across. Once you’ve found the name, logo, tagline, and color that will represent your brand and become its voice, you will need to apply that voice consistently while using all areas for marketing your brand.

  • Create Great Images with Good Copy

Double Edge Safety Razor

If you have a website, and you probably do, using great images will break up the text into tiny bits that will make it more digestible for the readers. When using images, try to stay away from the free stock photos available online and go with original pictures of your product. Pair that with smart copy that’s informative and amusing at the same time. You can pique the interest of the reader by using humor. If you go down that route, better hire the right copywriters who can bring the funny without looking like they’re trying too hard.

  • Add Unique Humorous Videos – This Is Where Manscaped Thrives!

Manscaped has come up with some hilarious videos for their marketing campaigns. Using humor in your videos is another great way of getting your audience interested and excited about your brand. While making videos, keep it simple and be careful not to cross any lines. You don’t want to be funny at the expense of hurting someone’s feelings. YouTube and Vimeo are two of the best platforms to upload your marketing videos. Once you’ve got the video content you need, use social media to promote your new visual content.

  1. Get Targeted Traffic

Creating a social media page for your brand is essential if you want to attract new customers. This doesn’t mean using your personal Facebook profile but creating a Facebook Business page that’s dedicated solely to your business. The neat thing about using Facebook for business is that you get to use and measure many metrics that allow you to tweak your marketing campaign. You can even create a social media outlet right on Facebook that’s similar to Manscaped where you can set up your products for display. Those who are interested then have the choice to either purchase a product straight from your Facebook page or visit your company’s website.

As a business, you’d want to give your target audience as many options as possible when it comes to purchasing your products. Don’t just use Facebook, other social media platforms can also be integrated into your website, turning your efforts into a robust marketing campaign that makes your product available to a larger audience. Some of the social platforms you can use are Twitter, Instagram etc.

  • Paid Traffic

Paying for traffic is powerful, yet oftentimes, an ignored tool that’s great for marketing your brand. Using paid search such as Google AdWords or Bing Ads can significantly boost your online traffic and get you more sales. Besides that, Google also allows businesses to display ads on the Google Display Network which also helps drive traffic towards your brand’s website. Retargeting can be the most important tool your sales funnel and e-commerce brand has. Retarget customers to specific sales funnel segments and watch your brand take off.

  1. Set Up a Distribution Channel

And finally, having the right distribution channels in place will ensure your products are able to reach your customers.

  • Direct-to-Customer

Direct-to-customer is fast becoming a crucial retail channel for small businesses. That’s because customers demand a better experience, which is exactly what the Direct-to-Consumer model of distribution provides. Although there will be some complications while setting up DTC channels, creating a proper strategy will ensure that your e-commerce business is able to operate smoothly.

  • Affiliates

Affiliate marketing is a marketing strategy that’s mainly performance based. This means your business is going to reward your affiliates for each of the visitors or customers that are sent to your website via affiliate marketing. While using affiliate marketing you will need to track, test, and compare the results of various affiliates. Refersion and Clickfunnels are neat software that can help you get started with your affiliate marketing needs by helping you build up your affiliate network.

  • Collaboration

This can be called Influencer Marketing. You find a brand that has a similar demographic to yours. You partner and offer your products to one another’s customers. You can also collaborate and offer a single product including both brands. This has done great for manscaping brand Manscaped and Slyde boards.

  • Amazon

It’s no secret that Amazon is the go-to destination for buying products in the US. If you’re a men’s grooming brand that’s just starting out, you’d want to create an online presence on Amazon that will enhance your credibility as a brand. The best way of doing that is by building a permanent presence on Amazon. Besides, Amazon has a growing stronghold on the consumer market making it one of the best choices for small brands. For a brand to have a presence on Amazon is not just fashionable, it’s a necessity.

  • Retail / Subscriptions

Building a retail affiliation can be as simple as co-branding with popular local retailers that will help you elevate your mission, which is to reach out to the most customers as you possibly can. For true success, startup brands need to think a level deeper than ever before to not just stay above water but keep up with the big fish in their niche. A great example can be given of Manscaped, who figured that out early on and implemented some crucial changes that ended up in larger, unexpected rewards for the brand.

  • Trendy Words

Manscaped started because of a gap in the market. Then some market research to see how to differentiate their product set. The big success got poured on because of a trend. Manscaping is a trending topic and has a large following. It has picked up as a cultural norm for millennials. This article in the L.A. Times even talks about how manscaping has become normal. That article came out in 2014 but manscaped the brand didn’t start until 2017. There are gaps and even trendy words being thrown around all the time. It could be worth millions for you to recognize it.

Manscaping – The Next Big Thing In Beauty ~ Syndney Morning Herald

How Do You Get Started Today?

Entrepreneurs are a rare breed. With the right amount of passion and skillset, it can be possible to break into an industry that’s as challenging as below-the-belt men’s grooming, and similar to Manscaped, reach the height of success. If you are looking for your perfect breakthrough moment then start by finding a gap in the market like manscaping that is safe. It could grow into something larger than you realize!

Pictures and Info:

Pictures are screenshots from Will’s computer – April 2018

Manscaped is a client of Content How – Will Robins organic marketing company

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