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The Benefits Of Creating Microlearning Marketing Funnels

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If you are searching for the best platform by which to sell your online products, a business by the name of ClickFunnels can help you sell more products. It was designed by an individual by the name of Russell Brunson, an entrepreneur that got his start in Internet marketing back when he was in college. He realized that many people have great ideas, but they don’t have an easy way of selling the products that they would like to offer. From that understanding, ClickFunnels was born. It is one of the top websites where online entrepreneurs go when they want to sell physical or digital downloadable products. Let’s take a look at what is called microlearning marketing funnels and how these can help you sell more of your products every day.

What Is A Microlearning Marketing Funnels

When people sell their products online, they will typically have an autoresponder that will deliver email messages to prospective clients. They will motivate them to sign up for the free offer using their name and email address. This could be a discount on a product that they are representing, or it may be a course that will teach them something they are interested in. In the case of Internet marketers, these funnels will provide microlearning courses that can solve the prospective client’s problems.

An Example Of A Microlearning Marketing Funnel

An example of this would be selling an Internet marketing product that is showing people how to make more sales online. In the case of marketing a service such as ClickFunnels, each email will be part of a lesson that will show them how this service can help them make more money on the Internet. The funnel will go into detail on the importance of having funnels, a way of contacting prospective customers on a regular basis. By providing them with good content, all of which revolves around the use of ClickFunnels, this will eventually motivate this potential client to become a long-term customer.

How Could ClickFunnels Assist An Online Entrepreneur?

The reason that this particular service would be helpful for anyone selling a product or service is that it puts you in constant contact with a potential buyer. Studies have shown that people need to be introduced to a product or service a minimum of seven times before they will actually consider making the purchase. Moreover, if someone does decide to buy something from you, you also need to have a sales funnel set up. Before they arrive at the product they have purchased, you need to introduce what is called upsells and downsells that they may also want to purchase. Therefore, instead of making one sale from each customer, you could make multiple sales, increasing the value of each client that you obtain. This is why so many people recommend ClickFunnels because of how easy it is to create these marketing funnels which can help business owners make more profit.

How To Use Microlearning Marketing Funnels To Improve Your Business

The easiest way to use this for your business is to create a series of different funnels. One of the funnels will be designed for people that merely sign up on your autoresponder to receive your free gift or discount. The other funnel is designed for people that have decided to buy your product or service. Each of them is going to present different offers, some of which subscribers and buyers will consider purchasing on their way to the final landing page. Whether you are selling a digital product that can be downloaded, or a physical one, it really doesn’t matter. This system works for services as well. You simply need to have a platform that makes it easy to create these funnels that people will go through. That is why a service like ClickFunnels is so valuable.

Advanced Strategies When Using ClickFunnels

There are two advanced strategies that you can use when you are creating these marketing funnels. The first one is called cross promotions. This is where you are working with another business owner to sell products that they are marketing. You will simply add them to your marketing funnel. In exchange, they will also do the same for you. It is because adding them to your funnels is so easy, you could do cross-marketing with multiple businesses using just a few minutes of your time. The other advanced strategy is creating what some people referred to as money magnets. These are additional squeeze pages where people enter their name and email to get additional freebies from you. The more of these that you create, the higher the probability that you will be able to generate additional sales. By simply utilizing the same marketing funnels that you have already created, you will see a steady increase in your sales doing nothing more than creating and marketing these new offers.

In conclusion, if you can create microlearning marketing funnels for your business, you are going to see your sales increase substantially. By creating a funnel for those seeking a free gift, and those that are actual customers, you will see sales from either one. It will take some time to devise a funnel, one that is appropriate for the target audience that you are approaching. However, a system like ClickFunnels simply makes it easier to create the funnels, sometimes within an hour, that will constantly help you generate more sales. To find out more about this revolutionary way of marketing products and services online, you can visit the ClickFunnels website.

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